Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well, our flight was delayed 1 and a half hours, and lucky us, we were on the plane. Before that, not everyone got a seat assignment. Guess who was one of the last four people to finally get a seat?! Anyway, once the flight got going it was fine. We arrived later than we were supposed to. Our escorts for the night, former Fulbright Scholars in the US, took us to a local place for dinner. Our escort was Nayoka-san who went to Texas in 1966 to learn to teach English. At the restaurant, I had grilled unagi (eel) and tried bean curd with sesame. Our rooms are fabulous, and as promised from the reading I did, the toilets are quite something. Hopefully I’ll be able to download a picture. The seat is heated! No more bathroom talk. I just looked at the clock and I have officially been awake for 24 hours. It’s time for bed. More adventures tomorrow!

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Jill said...

Hmmm ... it sounds like you got western toilets ... lucky girl! I'm still waiting for the blog when you're introduced to the traditional Japanese kind ... :)
Glad to know you arrived safe and sound!