Sunday, June 15, 2008


OK, it's 9:21 on Sunday night. I'm sitting here writing my speech for the elementary school (I'm on the 19th floor) when suddenly the whole room moved! It was like a big wind hit the building, but I guess we are going to feel aftershocks all week. I swear that they ground was moving all day, but I may just be psyching myself out. So, do I sleep in my jammies or a T-shirt, jeans, and shoes?!Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I bet it was scary to feel the ground shaking! I hope the aftershocks will end soon.

Good luck with your introduction in Japanese at the school!


Jill said...

Remember your earthquake training from San Diego: Keep a bag by your bedside with a change of clothes, shoes, your essentials (passport, emergency numbers, plane ticket home, any medicines, glasses, etc.), and a little food (non-perishable snacks, water), and you should be prepared. If you feel like you need to evacuate during the night, you can just grab the bag and go. You can change your clothes once you're someplace safe.

Richard said...

Hey, Anne, I hope you're sleeping well right now. The buildings in Tokyo are supposed to be constructed very well for earthquakes. If you feel your room shift, that is a positive thing because they are built to have some give, kind of like trees bend in the wind.
Give a good speech!


Tiffany said...

Happy Father's Day!
Glad to hear you are safe. I am not flooded yet but we could send some of this rain your way. Great photos! I hope your having a great lunch right now. I am getting ready for bed. We had a busy father's day. Dad says Hi!
Tiffany and Dad

Jill said...

Richard/Dick makes a good point -- the buildings in Tokyo should be built to strict earthquake codes, so a lot of the movement you are feeling could be a result of that. Many of our commercial buildings here in So Cal are built on rollers, which is an odd sensation if you aren't used to it.

Okay,I hope all went well today!