Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fish Market

We were up early today 5:15 which probably wasn't really early enough, but we wanted to go to the famous Tsukiji fish market. We were told that the people working there don't really appreciate the tourists, because they get in the way and cause confusion. There are no flash pictures, and if you value your life, you won't get too close to the people cutting fish and you'll watch for the motorized carts. They won't stop for you! I'm hoping I got some good pictures. I didn't use a flash and they were all moving very fast, so things could be blurry!

We had yet another huge breakfast brunch, but this time I loaded up. We have to check out by 12, and I don't leave until 2:30 for the airport. I really don't want to go out. Some people are rushing out to buy last minute things. You know how I feel about shopping. Just so you know, if I don't have something for you, I was thinking of you. Heh, I just sent my last postcards yesterday!
I really should get out and walk though. I will be sitting on the plane for 12 hours! The lucky people going to D.C. have a 14 hour flight! Yikes! Someone said that for $100 you can upgrade to economy plus. I may think about it. The cramped 9 hour flight was tough enough. I'm hoping I'll sleep since I got up early. Well, I think that's it for me from Tokyo. I'll either update this blog with more information and pictures when I get home, or I'll link it to a web site. Thanks for tuning in. I've enjoyed the emails and comments!

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Jill said...

Heh, when you first had unagi earlier in your visit, I almost sent you a photo that I had taken at an eel farm. Looks like you have one of your own now, though! Who would think that something that looks like that could taste so good?
Well, I hope you had an uneventful flight home. $100 would definitely be worth some extra room! I figure for flights that long, anything that can make it more bearable is worth it!
Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing from you once you get settled back in and recover from the jet lag. No hurry of course.
Okaeri nasai! -J