Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008

I'm going to go backwards a bit. Yesterday we were in Asakusa and I just wanted to share some things that i haven't mentioned yet about Japan. If you look at the picture of the biker, on the ground you will see yellow stripes. Those stripes help visually impaired people stay on the sidewalk. When they get to a crosswalk or a place that splits into a couple of directions, the stripes change to dots and the people know to stop. Also, the crossing sign is green, when it starts flashing you have 15 seconds to get out of the road or you WILL be run down. When it starts to flash there is some kind of sound like a bell or a bird chirping to warn the visually impaired. Pretty slick. These things are also found in the metro. We walked around last night and many women were dressed in their kimono because of the festival.

People often dress in kimono for special occasions. There were men dressed also, and we even saw a sumo wrestler. I didn't know it until someone pointed out the top knot. When things started to slow down, the sales booths were shut up, but it still looked nice in the area.

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