Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calligraphy - The Real Thing!

Today, Mr. Hashiguchi visited to show us how to do calligraphy. This time we were learning from someone who really knew what they were doing. We used rice paper and ink (yes, there was a bit of an accident on the floor with that), so it was far more authentic. He also wrote each student's name on a piece of paper, and they wrote them on their best example of "tomo" or friend. Then we made a small samurai helmet from origami paper and mounted our work.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today Mr. Hashiguchi returned and showed us pictures of his school and students. Then he treated us to an origami lesson. Students first had to create a square from a piece of newspaper. Then, they were instructed step by step how to fold a samurai helmet. Origami has to be folded carefully so it takes time and patience. Some of us were in a hurry and had to fold and refold. In the end we all had a samurai helmet! They were worn throughout the entire day.I only had a half of a newspaper so I made a smaller helmet. Lucky Dixie!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Visiting Teacher from Japan

One of our fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Fahey(center right), is hosting a Japanese teacher through a program sponsored by the government of Japan with the partnership of WEAC. Mr. Jun Hashiguchi will be observing and teaching in our school through the end of the month. He is a second grade teacher in Japan. Today we were lucky enough to have him visit our class! We have a BIG school, and he is very much in demand. He showed us the many ways to write his name, and he explained that in Japan your last name is said first. So, he is Hashiguchi Jun back home. He then led a lively instruction on counting from 1-6 in Japanese. The class really enjoyed his enthusiasm! After the class was comfortable with the numbers they played a game where one student called out a number in Japanese, and the other two or three students tried to slap the number first.
The student that won called the next number. The class was very excited to have him visit and look forward to having him in class again!