Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two down - two hundred to go?

Yea! I've sent the follow on to Seattle Pacific AND JFMF. That's two major tasks done. Now I have many thank yous to write. I've started the main letter that I will work off of, but I have a think and write process that has dogged me since high school. I can't just sit down and complete the writing. I think about it and write a bit, and I do that over and over until its done. It works, but it sure takes a long time! I also pared down my pictures to 536! Now I need to put them in albums and label them with captions. That shouldn't take too long! Right.

I've actually gotten out to walk a few time to prepare for the race although it wasn't with a smile on my face. I'm sure when I'm there in the middle of the excitement I'll feel pumped about it, but right now I keep saying to myself, "What was I thinking?"

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Richard said...

Good luck with all of those thank you cards. I hope that much of your journey-happiness will return as you organize and label your photos. What an experience! Thanks again for sharing it with us!
When your eyes need a rest from your photos, put a smile on your face and enjoy the fresh air as you walk.