Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm making sushi - sort of

Thursday was the Wisconsin State Fair. Well, it's the best place to buy gadgets and stuff. I found a sushi maker that looked fairly easy to use. So, I bought it, and today was my first attempt at making sushi.

Here I am with the head sash and knife that came with the kit. Don't I look official? First, I had to wash the rice. I've never done that before. It took several times to get the water clear. These are all of my ingredients. I wasn't very creative. I have seaweed, avocado, cucumber, fake crab, and salmon.

It took a few tries to get into the grove, but it got easier. I think I need less rice and more filling. The mold is pretty easy to use. You choose the mold shape that you want. Then, you put the seaweed liner in and fill with rice part way. You use a little pusher to smash the rice down and make an indentation. Put whatever filling you want in the indentation. Fill with rice and then fold the seaweed over the top sealing it with water. Then, the top piece goes on to finish the shape and push it down. There are slits in the side of the mold to cut perfect thicknesses.

This is my first attempt at sushi. I need to work on the inside out rolls. First I forgot the seaweed, and then I made it look like an eye! Oh well, practice makes perfect.

Like I said, less rice, more filling. I bought plum wine and sake, so even if it doesn't taste good, I'll think it does. My sister and brother-in-law came over to try the sushi, and they said it was good! I have to agree. I just need to get more inventive with my fillings to shake things up a bit.


Jill said...

Excellent! I especially love that they give you a "costume" to look the part! :)

That's actually quite a clever little gadget. The spam musubi maker is similar, but even more simple since the box is just big enough to slide in a slice of spam. You don't need to worry about having the rice go all around. It just sandwiches the meat. And then, since there is no bottom to the box, you just lay the box on the strip of nori, push the whole thing through, and wrap it when you're done. Ahhh, those Hawaiians ... very clever!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next! Keeping sending/posting photos! Gambatte ne!

Richard said...

Hey, Anne, the sushi looks pretty good! Heather has made sushi a few times, but not for quite a while. I don't think she has a mold. I think she rolled it up somehow. I don't remember that she rinsed the rice either, but I was not paying attention to what she was doing. I just ate the sushi and it tasted pretty good! You might look for ingredients at Woodman's. They do have some of the things you could use. There's also that Japanese store down in Arlington Heights, but that's a pretty hefty drive.