Monday, July 7, 2008

Now the work begins!

OK, I've been lazing around putting things away and thinking about all that I have to do. I don't know how the teachers do this in the fall. I'm very grateful that I have the summer to plan and complete all I need to do. I've already submitted my follow-on to Seattle Pacific University, and now I need to send it to JFMF. Then I have a bunch of thank you letters to write. Some I think I will formally type and others I will hand write. I hope I don't offend anyone. Then the big task of planning activities and lessons for the year will begin. I don't feel as though I learned enough about subjects in the short time I was in Japan, so I'll be researching things to make sure I know my stuff. I'm still thinking about the race I'm in on Sunday. I hope thinking about it will help me finish. Let's just hope it's not 90 degrees!

Last night I went to dinner with a friend and his family. They took me to Honadas in Kenosha which is a Japanese restaurant. It was very good! Then we looked at my pictures and ate mochi (which I didn't try in Japan). It was a really nice evening. His daughter knows Japanese and is very interested in the culture. I really hope she has the opportunity to go someday. She won't be disappointed!

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Richard said...

Wow, Anne! I never thought you'd add Sunday night to your blog! I almost feel like waking up Nancy and Heather, but it's 1:30A.M. and they wouldn't appreciate it.
Glad you liked Honada. (Hey, they're getting some free advertising!)