Sunday, May 18, 2008

I have many new friends!

Well, after working on the class play and then attending a play on Friday, I came home about 11:30 and decided to check my email. What a shock! I suddenly had about 60 new friends. The listserve was posted for JFMF participants and people were emailing like crazy. At first I thought my new computer was malfunctioning. Even though all I had been thinking about for the past several hours was sleep, I spent the next hour reading and responding to emails. It all seems so real and so close! Now that my class play is done, I'll have to start getting very serious about my trip. I have a lot of reading to do, and I need to write my follow on plan.

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Riley said...

Hi this Riley.I like your website a lot it is very cool.I hope you have a fun time in Japan.I'll miss you a lot!!!!!Thanks for all the fun things we did this year.I'm glad I had you as a teacher.